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You can define XNXX as one of the best porn video portal online on this earth. No idea of best site on mars. As mars might have some other xxx video site but earth doesn’t have much competition in this matter.Do mention what do you feel about this site on your facebook profile. We might visit it some day in horny mood and try to reply you in deadly way so that you will better avoid jerking online watching videos. Hope you got that its always better to review xnxx in positive way.

XNXX Statistics

US is the top source of audience for XNXX after UK, Canada, India, Japan, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, etc. Top categories porno videos watched on this site for free last year from world wide where lesbian, step mom, MILF, teen, step sister, mom, cartoon, etc. The trend and search pattern did vary from country to country but kind of majority of pattern was similar world wide.

On an average per person was watching more than 9 min 36 sec of porn videos once they visited the xnxx.com and would scroll more than 20 videos. Philippines people behaved a bit different on this. They watched for more than 12 min 45 sec, which was 3 min more than the average of the world.

Most of the people world wide prefer to watch and download xnxx porn videos around midnight in their respective time zone. The more clock approached midnight the more people used to get online on the site. People tend to start watching porn videos from midnight to 2-3 am morning and many would prefe watching till 8 am in morning if the day is in weekend.

Its on of the biggest site online with more than 1 million porn videos available in HD quality and users can view, share download them for free. No other website can even compete XNXX in this matter. Even the Lilliput’s tried to compete this site with premium quality porn videos but failed heavily. So its better not to try competing this site in any kind of matter. May it be quality of video or length of video or may it be count of videos or categories of videos. This is the best go to site for porn videos.

You can get full detailed statistical report on porn video online world from here: http://www.pornhub.com/insights/2016-year-in-review

Once you have explored the above link try to judge your friends and relatives by trying to understand under which categories those guys fall. This statistics can help you choose the best category porn video for your friend. Do share if you have found any kind of weird and unique fact out of this statistics. I have found one point and that is every damn person on this planet watches porn videos. So you should also watch even if you don’t want to. Because if you will not watch then the peer pressure will force you to watch out. And its always better to avoid any kind of peer pressure. The more pressure on your pennies or vagina the more hurdle you feel on your hurt. So go watch xnxx videos right away.

XNXX Categories

You can find porn videos from almost any category you want for free and in HD quality from xnxx site. Some of the top categories are anal sex porn videos, milf porn videos, live web cam porn videos, amateur porn videos, arab, Asian, babe, babysitter, behind the scenes, lesbian, hentai, ebony, mature, gay, cartoon, creampie, bondage, squirt, Japanese, big dick, teen, big tits, for women, sex in public porn videos, old fucking the young porn videos, babe, threesome, gangbang, masturbation, shemale, orgy, compilation, reality, casting couch, etc.

Basically you can get horny videos of each and every category you can ever imagine of. Get ready shoot your cum even before you can fuck anyone. Logon to xnxx.com right away. The more you waste time on googling different website the more your cum feeling scummbed in its deposal. Get out feel free. Smoke out the pressure in your body. And get the numbness out of yourself.

More than 200 XNXX porn video categories can be found on this site. Just choose the one which makes you horny and good. Select the category without which you can never live on this baby earth.

This site has such a huge list of categories that you might feel that you haven’t even heard about some of them. Because you haven’t watch all different categories of xxx or xnxx porn videos online. Sometime experience gives you better training than the practical. So do experiment something on your own. Eat, watch, sleep, repeat. There are few hidden things in between like do cum a bit :p. But those points are natural so I would suggest avoiding them.

So which is your favorite category of porn videos? Share them with your inner self and feel them out.

XNXX User Reviews

XNXX.com is one of the most loved website online. People from more than 180 countries visit the site daily and love to watch each and every category video possible. Most of them watch videos from the categories they like, rest of them try to pull their trigger by watching videos of random categories.

Reviewers of the site XNXX belong to all possible categories of human species available on this planet. Some are straight, some are gay, some are lesbian, some are homo, some are transgender, some are shemale, etc. but one thing is seen common among all of them. And that is the point of review they give. All they say is only one thing, this is the best site they prefer to use every day. They feel its because they get the kind of feeling the want by watching videos only on this site. They do visit sites like pornhub, redtube, beeg, etc. but none of them have the charm and quality videos like this site.

Users of XNXX are from vast age group of 18 to 50 including both male and female. They all love the site to the most. Many watch together. Many watch in closed room, while many make it into their dreams and toilets: P. Yes many do take their tablets and laptops into the toilet to watch porn videos on this site.

So you can overall get idea that how quality proven this website is in the porn world online. So what are you waiting for? Watch the above videos right now and provide your positive feedback to yourselves.

Many people who do not have any kind of partner mostly do fisting, bucketing, fingering and masturbation only and only after watching videos here.

Do you still have any question regarding the review of the site? Just go try out yourselves. Spend some time, play some videos, try some out and then judge yourselves.

XNXX Website Technology

You will not believe but XNXX.com website is purely built on PHP. Yes PHP the language which many people feel is out dated and its better not to use it. To all such people guys grow up. Laravel is the best framework online to do any kind of web portal. And its based on PHP only. And when xxx porn video website is made in PHP like facebook was built in PHP, you can understand the power of PHP.

Its not clear what kind of database they are using to store the porn vidoes but guessing the front and backend architecture of this porn website one can say that they might be using MySQL as its one of the most reliable and robust database framework and engine for porn websites like this.

Ngnix server powers up the running of the site. Apache was once well known web server but with the passage of time those guys didn’t update themselves and ngnix won the battle of server technology. Its used widely by the people of porn world. You can see most of the porn or xxx website or running on this server.


Yes there do exist API of XNXX. But why do you want to access it? Are you planning to make one xnxx website like this site? Then avoid it. Grow up and try to do something innovative. How much of copy paste and crunching of API you will use to show ads and earn money online? Its not good idea. Even mark zuckerberg page on fb was having xnxx.com as the official website of mark zuckerberg. Seems like someone changed the Wikipedia page of him and it got reflected on his on platform facebook which is the biggest social network online.

So if you want to use the API of XNXX do not try to contact us. As we may not like to reply or respond to your dumb queries. I know you are not dumb nut asking such queries can prove you dumb.

So did you really read this long good quality article about xnxx? If yes then I can say you should be awarded with the great grand master gogo award. Because he is the only person in this world who can be compared with you. Hope you understand my feelings and try to dump down your feelings in the race of 0 and 1s. Yes it means the binary race.

Lets discuss about the videos present on xnxx’s official website. Well they are mostly from the latest trend with little spice and quality. It has all videos in HD and you can download any of them for free of cost. All you would need is a basic HD connection of 4G or 3G or broadband.

Do comment your favourite porn star, category of videos you like and from which country you are. If we feel like porn star we may come to your country and try to giggle the jiggle out of you.

XNXX Porn Star

Since XNXX is world famous it has the best quality porn star videos on its site. You can also become one and upload your video on the site if you want. You can find videos of any latest as well as the famous pornstars from the different parts of the world on this site.

The site has more than 6700+ porn stars listing on the site and on an average 10 videos of each porn star. So you can say this site is pretty famous in the community of porn star.

XNXX Porn Video

XNXX is all famous for porn videos it provides. As discussed above you can find porn videos of different porn stars and also of different category. The site has videos of top notch quality and in HD print. You can also find videos in latest AR and VR. Many world famous adult sex video media companies have made videos in AR and VR. Those are the future of porn videos and probably will change the way people watch videos online.

So whats your take on xnxx.com? Do you love the site? Do you watch porn videos daily? Or do you review them daily? Who is your favorite porn star? What’s your age? From which country you are watching this site? Try to comment below and we will try not to give you reply or any kind of surprise.